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        SolAura 2019 is the creation of Amasa Warner, Malia Paalua and Mauro Albornoz collaborating across North and South America to bring this trip to life!

        Amasa and Malia are Bay Area natives, outdoor adventurers and Latin America enthusiasts.  After experiencing the transnational 2017 Total Solar Eclipse outside of Sisters, Oregon, they were instantly hooked and vowed to catch the next wherever it might be.  Coincidentally, the next eclipse was to occur in Argentina, a country with which they share an intimate connection through extensive work and travel.

        In 2018, shortly after the US Eclipse, they were back in South America founding and managing a boutique bicycle touring operation, when they met future partner and collaborator Mauro Albornoz, an Argentinian traveller who was touring Uruguay by bike.  With Mauro bunked in the home of Mondo Bongo and waiting out the rain, the trio bonded over their shared passion for intimate cultural exchange in travel and for unique astronomical events. Right then and there the idea was hatched to form a tour surrounding the 2019 South American Eclipse - soon to be called SolAura!

        In December, the three reunited in Argentina to lay the groundwork for the trip.  They travelled through Mendoza and San Juan Provinces, scoping spots, birthing connections and building an amazing network of local professionals invested in offering an engaging trip every step of the way. Together with support staff, Amasa, Malia and Mauro have crafted a spectacular itinerary sure to stay in your memories!  We invite you to enjoy the fruits of our planning and partake in this special opportunity!